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Why Our Different Consensus Eyelashes Are Slightly Different?

Why Our Different Consensus Eyelashes Are Slightly Different?

After many people receive the goods, many customers think that the quality of each batch of eyelashes is very good and like it, but each batch of products looks slightly different. Many people don’t understand the reason, and don’t know how to explain it to consumers.

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Eyelash Vendors

First of all, we should be clear. What is the raw material of 3D mink hair? It is a natural mink animal hair, after processing, hand-made eyelashes. Mink is a kind of animal. Its hair is like human hair. It can be long or short, thick and thin, with different shapes and colors.

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Eyelash Vendors

Benefit Eyelashes of interest need to be dispatched to collect the natural replacement hair of mink. Then choose the best from them, and then hand-make a pair of eyelashes. Because each mink is different and its hair is different, we need to spend a lot of time and full of energy to complete the production of mink eyelashes, and try our best to make each pair of eyelashes look the same.

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But because each pair of Eyelash Vendors is made by hand, there will be subtle distinctions between handmade products each time. Because the raw materials are natural and the products are handmade, no pair of eyelashes is exactly the same. This is a handmade product. The charm of it!

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