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Why Do We Get So Many Eyelash Orders Every Day?

Why Do We Get So Many Eyelash Orders Every Day?

First of all, Benefit Lashes in the European and American countries mink eyelashes market has a leading position, Benefit Lashes real zero cruelty mink eyelashes, 100% handmade, Benefit Lashes is a high quality mink eyelash supplier and manufacturer, 80% of customers choose benefit eyelashes as their supplier.

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Second, the mink eyelashes that Benefit Lashescan be used 15-20 times. After being cleaned, the mink eyelashes, like the new ones, are still very curly and soft. They are also very fluffy and not deformed at all, and the eyelash stalks are very soft, and after cleaning is still not deformation and soft, put on after very comfortable, do not stick out an eye. It’s a very high-end treat for your eyes.

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Then, the Benefit Lashes style is very novel, each year will launch a lot of new eyelash style, novel and beautiful eyelash style by the majority of young women, such as the new launch of 7D26 and 7D07 eyelash style, in short supply. Our workers rush to produce these two eyelashes every day.In order to be able to ensure that sufficient inventory supply customer demand.

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All in all, because of the Benefit Lashes of high-quality mink eyelashes, as well as high-quality service, fast shipping speed, very low minimum order. Many of our clients have established long term relationships with us after buying mink eyelashes with Benefit Lashes, as they have become increasingly successful in selling Benefit Lashes.

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The minimum quantity of order is only 10 pairs. You can mix and choose your favorite eyelash styles.


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