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Why Different Mink Lashes Different Cost?

Why Different Mink Lashes Different Cost?

  • different production processes

If you want to start cooperation with a false eyelash supplier, you should pay attention to this. Most eyelash suppliers use a simple process to produce mink eyelashes, and only a few eyelash factories will choose the best way to waste time and energy.

As we said before, most mink Lashes Vendors use chemical liquids to achieve 3D effects, while we use physical methods to perform 3D mink eyelash effects, which wastes too much time and effort.

Because for your safety. One is harmful to your eyes and skin, the other is safe and healthy.

20mm mink lashes

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  • Different style and design

Different designers make different artworks. If there are designers in the Lashes Vendors , they can make any style of eyelashes for you, and give the eyelashes soul. And if the eyelash factory does not have a designer, all they can do is copy other styles. They just copy the style, but they cannot copy the soul of the eyelashes.

Therefore, designers and skilled workers are the soul of the eyelash industry.

22mm mink lashes

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  • Comfort level of wearing

This is one of the keys to measuring high-quality mink eyelashes.
The best mink eyelashes must be comfortable, soft and light. Our mink eyelashes can even be worn on the bed to sleep.

Because inferior mink eyelashes can cause eyelash fatigue, even eyelash disease.

Therefore, benefitt eyelashes insist on making high-quality mink eyelashes.

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