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The Most Popular Box Styles In 2020

The Most Popular Box Styles In 2020

Benefit Lashes are professional great quality of Mink lashes and Custom packaging boxes manufacturer.We have a large number of orders for custom eyelash packaging boxes every day.Therefore, we have summarized some of the best-selling box styles in the past 8 months in 2020, hoping to help our customers.

custom box

custom lash box

First of all, let’s introduce this year’s hot style, the butterfly acrylic box, a very beautiful butterfly printed on a transparent acrylic box, plus various colors of bottom cardboard, with high-quality mink eyelashes, all at once. Attracted the attention of customers.We can customize butterfly patterns of different colors on the box according to the different requirements of different customers, and then design the brand name, which is a unique eyelash packaging box.

eyelash packaging wholesale

wholesale eyelashes and custom packaging

wholesale eyelash packaging

custom eyelash box packaging

diy eyelash packaging

create your own eyelash packaging box

lash packaging vendor

custom eyelash packaging vendors

Second, our other very popular box is the water curtain box. This water curtain box comes in a lot of different colors. Of course, if the customer likes other colors, we will also customize it for the customer.The water curtain box also looks very beautiful, especially when the customer’s brand name or logo is printed, it is even more beautiful, which is very attractive to customers to buy.Arouse customers’ desire to buy, thereby driving your eyelash business.

custom eyelash packaging vendors

custom eyelash packaging vendors

wholesale lashes and packaging

custom eyelash boxes with logo

custom lash box packaging

custom lash box packaging

lash packaging wholesale

eyelash packaging vendors

The third box style is the pink money box. Our pink money boxes have flip-top boxes and pull-out boxes.We can also design the pattern that the customer likes on the box according to the customer’s design requirements.Below are some of our customer cases.

custom eyelash box

lashes packaging

lash packaging vendors

custom lash box design

eyelash packaging box custom

eyelash custom packaging

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