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The Best Benefit Eyelashes Make Your Eyes Bigger

The Best Benefit Eyelashes Make Your Eyes Bigger

Using mink eyelashes of  Benefit Lashes can enhance the natural shape of your eyes, making them look larger and more open.
However, first decide whether to use round or winged eyelashes. There are many different styles and variations of eyelashes, but each has its advantages.

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Round eyelashes are round, which means they have the same length at the beginning and end of the eyelashes. This style is very suitable for opening the eyes and making the appearance more rounded.

Winged eyelashes are like some winged styles, which become shorter and tapered near the inner corner, and gradually increase in length and volume to open to the other end. This will lengthen your eyes and make your eyes look as sexy as cat eyes.

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25mm is one of the most eye-catching eyelashes of Benefit Lashes! This length of 6D mink eyelashes is very suitable for adding dense wings to your eye look. The eye-catching length and volume are gradually increased from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, thereby obtaining a striking cat-eye effect.

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