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Can You Put Mascara On Your False Eyelash?

Can You Put Mascara On Your False Mink Eyelash?

More and more people like to wear false mink eyelashes to make their eyes look more charming. At the same time, many people don’t know if mascara can be used with false mink lashes? So many people think that the two can not be used together, can only choose one of them, in fact, this view is wrong. Mascara and mink eyelashes can be used not only at the same time, but also use them together to make the false eyelashes look thicker and more beautiful.

First of all, you need to apply some mascara to your own eyelashes before wearing false mink eyelash, which will be closer to the mink lash and look very natural. Then, apply a thin layer of mascara on the false mink eyelashes. Make sure the mascara is completely dry before wearing the false eyelashes. Otherwise, it may stain your eyes and make you become a panda eye.

When you remove the mascara on the false eyelashes, gently wipe the false eyelashes with makeup remover, so that the mascara can slowly detach from the false eyelashes, then gently wash the false eyelashes with water, after washing Dry it with a hair dryer and the eyelashes will return to their original curl.

Of course, many people have doubts about what I said. In order to eliminate your doubts, we have done experiments for you to verify what we said.

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