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Magnetic Eyelash Evaluation

Magnetic Eyelash Evaluation

We saw this magnet eyelashes in the process of surfing the Internet. I saw that the sales volume of all major e-commerce platforms exceeded 10,000. I think I need to test whether this thing is easy to use. To prevent everyone from spending wrong money,


magnet eyelashes

30$ magnet eyelashes

magnet eyelashes

13$ magnet eyelashes

magnet eyelashes

8$ magnet eyelashes

To be precise, I feel that these prices are quite different, and there is no difference in actual goods. It even feels that 13$ and 8$ yuan are made by the same manufacturer, and the packaging boxes are similar. Now enter the wearing link.

30$ wearing effect

13$ wearing effect

8$ wearing effect

in conclusion:

Disadvantage 1: Whether expensive or cheap, the wearing effect is unnatural.

Disadvantage 2: The eyes are often pierced when wearing and the eyes are very uncomfortable after wearing,

Disadvantage 3: The shape is fixed, the eye tip is flat, it is too short after wearing and cannot fit the eye completely, and there is no effect of decorating the eyes.

Disadvantage 4: After wearing and taking it off, it will pull your eyelashes, which is very painful.

Disadvantage 5: Only one end has a magnet, and there is a large slit in the middle. When you open your eyes, you can see the white inner eyeliner, which is like floating on the eyes, which is very unnatural.

25mm mink lashes

25mm mink lashes

Advantages: It can be used repeatedly.

Comprehensive: If it is not for the money, it is not recommended to buy. Don’t buy, don’t buy, don’t buy!

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