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How Unemployed Jonathan Is Making Her Eyelash Career Better?

How Unemployed Jonathan Is Making Her Eyelash Career Better?

Jonathan and I have worked together several times, and he says I am his best eyelash supplier because I have excellent service, high quality eyelashes and eyelash boxes, and very fast shipping speed.And with my help he started his eyelash business, and his eyelash business is very successful, doing better and better, let’s see how Jonathan is doing his Eyelash Business More And More Successful!

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Jonathan lost his job due to the covid-19, so he wanted to start his own eyelash business, although he only has his own brand name, but our team of designers helped him create the logo of his eyelash brand for free.Because our company has a team of professional designers, we can help customers create their own LOGP for free.


Free Design Lash Box

Jonathan was a very honest customer. He said he had lost his job after the covid-19, but when he made $225 he would work with me and start his eyelash business. Two weeks later, he asked me to order 30 pairs of eyelashes and 30 boxes, and officially launched his Eyelash Business.


 Decided That We Should Be His Eyelash Suppliers

To Start His Eyelash Business

Soon after, Jonathan placed another order. He told me that his eyelashes were doing very well and that his customers liked them very much because they were of good quality and could be used 15 to 20 times, he ran out of eyelashes and needed me to stock them.


Stock Up On Eyelashes

Jonathan‘s eyelash business was getting better, his customer base was getting bigger, Jonathan was getting better and better, and a few days after he received his second order, Jonathan approached me with a bigger one, jonathan was very happy that he had found such a good eyelash supplier because I was patient and helped him start his eyelash business and make it better.


Another Order For Eyelashes

Jonathan told me that he would be buying bigger ones soon, and that his clients loved his lashes because they were not only of great quality, but they were also beautifully styled and had great curl, his clients often buy several styles of eyelashes at once.


If you want to start your eyelash business, I can help you.

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