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How to wear false eyelashes?

For a newbie, it is very difficult to wear false eyelashes for the first time. Because there is not enough experience, the false eyelashes cannot be worn perfectly on the eyes. But follow the steps below and practice again. It won’t be long before you will be a master.

First, you need to have the following items ready: false eyelashes, glue, tweezers. First of all, choose the false eyelashes that suits you. Choose your own style according to your face shape and remember to choose blindly. Eyelashes are also divided into a variety of categories, must choose the lashes made by physical principles, do not contain any chemicals, no harm to the eyes. Followed by the choice of glue, the glue is very close to the eyes, so we must choose high-quality glue, no harm to the eyes. Benefitlashes vendor supply top quality mink lashes and glue ,and we can also do custom tweezers . If you need you can contact me at Whatsapp +8618253206339

Once everything is ready, we can start wearing eyelashes. Take a small amount of glue, hold the eyelashes with tweezers, apply the glue evenly on the roots of the eyelashes, and after the glue dries, stick the eyelashes from the inner island to the eyes, adjust the eyelashes with tweezers, and press the roots of the eyelashes until they are completely fixed. . Repeat the above steps for the other eye.

It looks very simple, but the actual operation is not so easy. Take the time to try it. The next girl with big, charming eyes is you.

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