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How To Add Charm To Your False Eyelashes?

How To Add Charm To Your False Eyelashes?

Many people use false eyelashes instead of making themselves more beautiful, but they look very weird. Today, Benefit Lashes tell you some ways to use mink eyelashes to make yourself more beautiful.

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  • Use false eyelashes to curl the eyelashes back and forth

According to M∙A∙C cosmetics senior artist Cynthia Rivas. When you curl your lashes before the application of false lashes, you are actually opening up your eye size.And our own eyelashes are not warped enough. Therefore, before we use false eyelashes, we first curl our eyelashes to have a natural curvature.

After putting on the mink eyelashes, curl them together again to make the eyelashes look more curly and charming.

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  • Apply eyelash primer before putting on eyelashes

Before applying mascara, do you use eyelash primer? The main purpose of eyelash primer is to coat the eyelashes. After use, the eyelashes will become thicker, longer and thicker. Enhances the time for eyelashes to remain curled.

It is very important to apply a complete lash primer. This will increase the time the eyelashes remain curled, and extend the length of the eyelashes to prevent the mascara from clumping on your eyelashes.

  • Trim your eyelashes

Everyone has different eye shapes, but false eyelashes have a fixed style. Some beautiful false eyelashes may not suit your eye shape.
So, what should we do after encountering this situation?
First of all, we should put the mink eyelashes on the eyes first. Take a look at how the mink eyelashes match our eyes, and cut off the excessively long mink eyelashes. In this way, when we wear mink eyelashes, we will get a mink eyelash that fits just right.

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  • Place the false eyelashes in the correct position

If you are not familiar with applying eyelash glue, you need to practice. In addition, the core thing to know is to stick the eyelashes on the natural eyelashes, not on the eyelids or the middle skin. After wearing mink eyelashes correctly, your eyes will look naturally smooth.

Do not remove the eyelashes severely at the end of wearing. Take care of your natural eyelashes, this will extend the life of your eyelashes.

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Before you go…

Don’t forget to choose the right glue, because transparent glue is not the best choice! There is also black glue. Follow the prompts and your false eyelashes will also look great.



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