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Eyelsh Packaging Production process

Eyelsh Packaging Production process

Benefit eyelashes can be customized with a private eyelash logo and brand name Eyelash Packaging box.Eyelash design: design style, color and position according to customer requirements.Draw and produce the mold board: It takes half to a day to customize it according to different box shapes.
BOX COVER PRINTING: Using the world’s top printers, the colors are bright, real and not easy to fade.Film: One is shallow film, the other is dim memory. In order to save costs,
Some suppliers do not laminate boxes. Please consult our sales staff, you will get a simple and professional way to determine whether your box is laminated.
Anti-scalding: The brand name and LOGO can be particularly attractive under light.Inner box product: the length of the eyelashes determines the size of the eyelashes,More helpful blog《Why do we provide customers with customized eyelash packaging boxes》

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The size of the eyelashes determines the size of the box. Therefore, the box is divided into an inner box with a large holder and a small holder.Gluing process: This is done by the machine to make the Lash Packaging firm.Assembly process: The outer box and the inner box are usually glued by hot melt glue. There are three types of glue water: dispensing, straight glue and curve glue.Cleaning: Use alcohol or water to remove dust and disinfect.Packaging: The express box is sealed with tape on the outer layer, which is high quality and anti-extrusion.More helpful blog《do-you-have-questions-to-ask-lash-vendor》

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