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How to distinguish between mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes?

Many customer said that it is difficult to distinguish between mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes. They want to buy real eyelashes, but afraid that some vendors will be fake. Sometimes it is not possible to determine if it is a real mink eyelashes after buying mink eyelashes .

As we all know, the price of mink eyelashes is generally twice that of ordinary velvet eyelashes. If you buy a really low-quality eyelash at a high price, it is really very irritating.

So the next step is how to distinguish between eyelashes and velvet eyelashes:

1.Hot with hot water, the mink hair are easily deformed. The fiber hair is not easily deformed.

2.Burning . The mink hair have the taste of burning hair and are pinched into powder after burning. The fiber has a burning plastic smell and burns like a knead.

3.The mink hair are made into a single dense row without the neatness of the fibers.

4.Look at the scales with a microscope. Hairy scales.

5.It is possible to use foreign dyeing and/or solution method to identify whether it can be detected by other animal hairs.


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